Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The basic's of Cabinet making 101

Cabinet making is really pretty easy. All it really consist of is making a box and putting a door on it. You can use the most basic designs for your first ones, or you can really fancy them up with some elaborate designs. So it is really up to you how you take your cabinet making.

The best way to start cabinet making is by looking at some cabinet making books. These can be found at any local home improvement store, your local book store, your local library or from a making friend. Once you have this information, then you are well on your way to cabinet making.

Some of the basic tools you will need to make your cabinets are, a table saw or a circular saw, a jig saw, a drill, a router, some cabinet making clamps, screw drivers(manual or electric), and various other hand tools. Once you have some of these items, you can start your cabinet making.

So, I was watching this show on HGTV called All American Handyman. The first project that the handymen and women has to do, was to create something from plywood. Pretty simple, right? Well some of them tried to make boxes(the basics for cabinet making) but tried to build them without the right tools. Mainly cabinet making clamps. There were a few that were successful making cabinets(boxes) without clamps but, most  were not.

Now, there are some other tools that cabinet makers can use. One, is a pocket hole jig. These are pretty handy when it comes to putting two or more pieces of wood together for a tight hold.

But, the biggest problems that most people have when building boxes in cabinet making, is not having clamps to help hold the items together during the assembly process.

One way you can get cabinet making instructions, is to get cabinet making books. You can get cabinet making books on your Kindle. You can easily download books for your Kindle. There are many different kinds and types of books from office furniture to storage solutions.

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Speaking of storage solutions, we are in the midst of remodeling one of our bedrooms, the dreaded "spare room".  But, there is no closet in that room, so it is looking like a storage cabinet will have to be built there. The biggest problem will be construction. It is located on the second floor of our house, but there is no real easy to haul a build cabinet up there. It is going to have to be constructed in the room. So the question is, do we get a prefabricated cabinet, or do I customer build one. The debate will go on for sometime, but ultimately, the "cheapest" priced cabinet will win.